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Arizona Superior Coating is a contractor that has been in the business for 15 years providing both residential and commercial Asphalt - Seal Coating services. If we provide your home or business with the proper Asphalt - Seal Coating expectations, you will have confidence in a job well done by a licensed contractor which has a long list of satisfied customers. We have recently changed our name to reflect our new line of energy saving products in todays new market for coatings that are both energy efficient and cost effective. No job is too big or too small. For all of your Asphalt - Seal Coating needs, give Arizona Superior Coating a call at 520-647-7672.
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"Arizona Superior Coating is committed to providing solutions that exceed our customer expectations for all of your Asphalt - Seal Coating needs. We strive for excellence in Customer Service through our people, products, and Asphalt - Seal Coating services, the first time, every time. Arizona Superior Coating will provide value to our customers by understanding and anticipating their business needs and delivering appropriate quality solutions on time for all of your Asphalt - Seal Coating needs. For an estimate, please give us a call at 520-647-7672. "
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If the cracks are not repaired in asphalt, water seeps into the base courses and damages the pavement’s load bearing capacity. It is evidenced by rutting, shifting, and serious alligatoring. The pavement then must be either overlaid or completely removed and reinstalled, depending on the condition. Off-street pavements do not have the advantage of this "kneading" action. The surface layers of off-road pavements are under continuous attack from the weather and other destructive elements, eventually developing minor surface cracks. The damage will continue if proper protective actions are not taken. So it would be logical to conclude that off-street pavements can be preserved by a "protective coating" that resists attack by the elements that destroy the asphalt in the first place.

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